De$iderati – A BI Solution by Digiterati Consultancy Pvt Ltd. will provide the right data to the right person at the right time for strategic decisions.

The success of any BI tool depends on the users’ ability to winnow grain from chaff, identify key data points, and understand correlations without losing the big picture & getting lost in the deluge of data.

•             De$iderati provides “Live Actionable Reports” in place of mere post mortem MIS Reports.

•             De$iderati, will help the key stake holders, shift from reactive actions to proactive and informed decisions.

•             De$iderati is best used not in silos but at the cusp of interactions between operational, financial, Production, Sales, HR, Customer, SCM  & clinical / research data.

•             De$iderati commits to increase in top & bottom line, productivity and customer delight.

•             De$iderati is a management consultancy assignment and not just a dashboard of colourful reports with bells & whistles.

•             De$iderati will be fine-tuned and customized by Management, IT, Hospital, Clinical Practice & Financial experts.

Digiterati consultancy Pvt Lt adds a unique value proposition by customising the BI solutions to the strategic decision maker’s management style. Team DCPL will participate in monthly / fortnightly management review meetings to imbibe the managerial style, provide an objective perspective and mentor the decision making process without affecting the management style.

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