Technology Workshops and Seminars

Public Workshops:

Digiterati organizes cutting edge technology showcases on regular basis for guiding students & professionals to newer career paths.

These workshops cost a lot of money outside India, but Digiterati does it as part of corporate social responsibility

The Next Workshop on Hadoop Big Data Administration – Please contact +91 99406 23934 / 98404 23004 for registration.

Exclusive & Live Technical Workshop:

Digiterati conducts Technology Seminars and Workshops at various Universities &  Colleges andCorporates.

We will be happy to organize a live tech showcase or workshop exclusively for your organization.

Guru Digiterati are keen to share their expertise and knowledge on the best and the latest in IT

This program will be conducted without any cost to company.

Please contact +91 99406 23934 / 98404 23004

Topics for the month..

Topics Audience
Always On –High Availability SQL Server 2014 DBAs
Get Ready for 2016-SQL Server DBAs
ALM Project Manager
JMS .Net Senior Developers
DevOps Business Analyst
Open Stack Cloud IT Infrastructure Managers
JBoss Senior Developers / System Administrators
Data Science & Analytics DBAs / DB Developers / BI Professionals /SMEs
ESB Senior Developers / Project Managers
Big Data – Hadoop Administration DBA, System Administrators

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