The Information Technology teaching section at the Richmond Campus of TAFE NSW (Western Sydney) introduced TestOut LabSim as a learning resource in 2013.  LabSim was selected to support the use of a flipped classroom model where learners are encouraged to undertake structured learning activities outside the classroom.  When students attend on campus they are then expected to apply that learning to projects that simulate the workplace.   Learning facilitators hold regular workshops to review material covered by LabSim to promote shared learning and further discussion.  This model of learning provides time for students to undertake supported explorative learning as they undertake the tasks required to achieve the project goals.

Using LabSim in this way has significantly supported our goals of efficiently providing a flexible learning environment that allows learners to proceed through the course at their most suitable pace.  Learners can easily accelerate or decelerate their progress through the course with little additional demand on teaching staff allowing a more individualised learning experience.

The use of LabSim also frees teachers from having to create, maintain and update technical learning resources.  The LabSim products are regularly updated to incorporate new technologies; therefore very few changes are ever required in our own Learning Management System which simply references the LabSim sections relevant to the topic.

The powerful simulation tools in LabSim mean learners can undertake simulated activities using a range of resources that would be costly to provide and require close supervision to prevent damage.  LabSim gives learners the freedom to make, but more importantly learn from, mistakes in selecting, installing and configuring equipment.

In addition to classroom use LabSim has also been used to support workplace based learners to supplement the training they receive on the job.

LabSim is used at Richmond TAFE in the following qualifications:

Qualification TestOut LabSim Product
ICA30111 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology PC Pro
ICA40211 Certificate IV in Information Technology Support Network ProServer Pro: Install & Configure
ICA50311 Diploma of Systems Administration Linux +Switching and Routing Pro
ICA60511 Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems technology Switching and Routing Pro


– Graeme Hoinville, Coordinator Information Technology 

TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute – Richmond Campus

  • “We’re a tech school and train our students to go straight into industry. We train on hands-on practical work, and it would be difficult with our budget for us to give students as many options as you give in LabSim. It’s difficult to have all the physical equipment; in fact, there’s no way we could afford it. I can’t buy 5 different video cards for every student to practice on. That’s the whole reason I selected LabSim and continue going with it.”
    – Allen Saylor, Instructor 
    Moultrie Technical College
  • “We’re an online school and we have students all over the United States. Imagine going into a hardware class that is taking place online and asking them to take their computer apart. I can’t get it back together, they complain, but they can’t reach me because their computer is down. LabSim gives us this virtual world where we can simulate configuring software or simulate configuring a router, or building a router. Another great benefit is that the student can do them more than once and LabSim keeps track of all their scores and they know right up front how well they’ve done.”
    – Tommy Whitlock, Instructor
    Virginia College Online
  • “I’ve worked hard over the past 7 years to deliver online courses. LabSim makes it easy for me to do it. I don’t think I’d still be teaching online at this point if I didn’t find LabSim. I could teach a theory class all day long, but it’s difficult to teach a practical application class. And in our current environment, I can’t justify a physical A+ lab. But with LabSim we can give students the lab experience they need without the constant upkeep of a physical lab.”
    – Kimberly Conley, Chief Information Officer 
    Henderson Community College
  • “What I value most about TestOut LabSim is the focus on pedagogy that TestOut brings. None of the other computer-based training and testing providers seem to understand the careful balance that is needed between the needs of the instructor and the needs of the student as TestOut does. The need for instructors to be involved in their students’ learning experience is illustrated by the full-featured, centralized reporting and management features of the TestOut products. None of the other CBT providers, such as MeasureUp, ExamCram, PrepLogic, ExamForce, Train Signal, CBTNuggets, come close to the manageability of the TestOut Labsim products.”
    – Kevin Blackwell, Professor 
    Olympic College
  • “Since we started using the new TestOut [LabSim] material, the number of certifications earned by our students has increased threefold over the past year alone! We are very pleased with your product and with the support we get from you. For that, we thank you.”
    – Eric Isaac
    Erwin Technical Center

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