Train and Hire

Why spend money in campus placement and training?

Why compromise on the quality of hires?

Why worry about attrition amongst fresh hires?

  • Digiterati has a unique solution, with an excellent track record.
  • Digiterati has the bandwidth for sourcing from a diverse and large pool.
  • Digiterati’s proven “dominant aptitude psychometric profiling and taste spoon sessions” ensures square pegs for the square holes.
  • Let Digiterati choose the horses for the courses – job specific career skills.

Digiterati will take the ownership for giving you the best fit, as they have chosen the inputs and hence are accountable for the outcomes.


  • Digiterati will source & shortlist potential hires with the right aptitude for specific careers matching the job profiles.
  • Digiterati will train them adding skills and making them a billable resource in 45 days.
  • Company cherry pick your hires at no cost after benchmarking them.



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Tamil Nadu , India
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