IT finishing school in Chennai

India’s First IT Finishing School

Digiterati was started in 1991 as India’s first IT Finishing School for Information Technology at Chennai. Digiterati is Chennai’s largest corporate training centre with a unique distinction of training more than 1500 graduates on a single day simultaneously for India’s top IT companies, like HCL TCS CTS Scope International Wipro Tech Mahindra Ford etc.

Team Digiterati

  • Digiterati’s mission is to make teaching a rewarding and respectful profession.
  • Digiterati believes that every Indian Graduate must hold an International Certification as in a Globalized World only globally recognized and Benchmarked talent can get Jobs and Promotions.
  • Digiterati’ s Indian Gurus believe in class room training but supplement it with the latest teaching methodologies, world class courseware, e learning, workshops, clinics, exam preps, assessments and hands-on labs.
  • Digiterati firmly believes that great teachers are born and rarely made.
  • Digiterati affirms that one day every educational institution will be like Digiterati.

aboutuslogoIndian Guru

  • Since the Vedic times, India always had its galaxy of Gurus. Gurus in subjects as diverse as Theology, Philosophy, Life Sciences, Technology, Warfare, Management, Astronomy, Medicine & even Astrology.
  • India may have lost her pre-eminence in Science & Technology but luckily kept her “Guru” traditions alive. Indians still make the best of Teachers, Doctors, why even Nurses. Empathy, Care, Dedication & Discipline and a multi-cultural background make Indians eminently suitable for disseminating knowledge to a discerning audience. Even now a few Indian Gurus are making their mark in the field of Management, besides the evergreen fields of Religion, Yoga & Philosophy.
  • In the Knowledge Economy driven by Information Technology, the 1.2 billion population is no longer a liability – but a strategic asset & a critical resource. A veritable Brain Farm. A resource that needs to bench mark itself with the best in the world. The Internet has provided the kick-start and the essential nutrients to these info-starved brains. Now is the time to assert our supremacy over the world. What better way than to don the role of the Gurus of the world. It is time India wakes up to its true potential.
  • IT Finishing School in Chennai started by Digiteratiis the first step towards realization of this goal, that of creating the Glittering Stars of the Digital world – from India, by India & for India.
  • It is interesting to note that the greatest religions of the world were all born in the Orient. Rational thinking and scientific temperament have always been the Westerner’s forte. The Industrial revolution to the current Computer revolution had its genesis only in the Occident. Let the West refine Science and hone technology. The East must concentrate on integrating Science & Technology with Life.
  • Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM etc. representing the West and the best of Technologies.
  • • Digiterati representing the East and the best of Teachers

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85 First Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Adyar
Chennai-600 020
Tamil Nadu , India
Phone:044 2441 3444
Mob: 91 99406 23934